Women in Engineering at Knowles

Employer of Choice for Women in Engineering


Technology excels as one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy. At a time when opportunity couldn’t be greater, women are vastly underrepresented in the workforce, particularly engineering careers. To accelerate change, it’s imperative to attract, retain and develop female talent.  

Knowles is highly committed to advancing the growth of women in the workplace and gender diversity in engineering careers. We believe that a diverse workforce is the greatest asset to innovation. Although diversity and inclusion have always been core to Knowles’ values, we are passionate about increasing the representation of women in the engineering community and their presence in leadership roles.

Women play an essential role in our industry and drive innovation in all areas. Knowles is working to foster an environment where women can excel in technical roles through each stage of their career. Knowles’ development programs are designed to empower women by fostering a community to share lessons learned, insights and best practices, while finding inspiration from others. Through these initiatives, like support for continuing education, we seek to accelerate women into high potential engineers, both from a leadership and technical perspective.

Knowles provides a host of opportunities for women to put their expertise, creativity and problem-solving skills front and center. Browse our career opportunities to find a position that fits.

Growing an Inclusive Culture

  • Kathy H.

    "We're improving quality of life for people"

    Kathy Haas, Sr. Technical Program Manager

  • Usha M.

    "We get to work on the bleeding edge of technology"

    Usha Murthy, Sr. Staff Engineer

  • amc3

    "Each engineer has a huge impact on the final product"

    Alyssa Macuk, Sr. MEMS Process Engineer

  • I19A4245yrs

    "I have the freedom to work on my ideas"

    Ellen Kisly, Failure Analysis Engineer Intern

Knowles and UIC College of Engineering

“If we encourage women to become engineers, we include a large segment of the population and the diversity of ideas they bring.”

Jeffrey Niew, Chief Executive Officer



Advancing opportunities for young women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), Knowles serves as a perennial sponsor to the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Women in Engineering Summer Program (WIESP). This multi-week program gives female high school students a first-hand look at careers in engineering. As part of the program, Knowles hosts an annual event at its headquarters where students get a hands-on view of the company and a day-in-the-life experience as an engineer. It is as valuable and rewarding for our staff as it is these future engineers.